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During the pandemic, I felt somewhat stuck in certain areas of my life, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get past it. Aileen was a breath of fresh air, easily identifying my blocks and assisting me in creating solutions in just a few sessions. I only wish I had discovered her months earlier!

Thank you, Aileen, I highly recommend her services.

R.C.       1-2-1 coaching

Signed up for the 4-week goal-setting workshop back in March, and proved to be the most eye-opening thing I've done this year in terms of productivity.

I was soon aware of what small daily changes and challenges can do further down the line and how unorganized my goal setting routine was before.

I'd highly recommend this course for anybody struggling to get out of their comfort zone regarding goal setting and productivity!

R.P.       Action Taker


After years of trying to get back on track after a financial crisis, I took Rebalance Lifestyle's course.

It enabled me to take back control of my life and finances. 4 months later, I’ve already cleared 2 outstanding finance commitments and am working on 2 more.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone needing some advice on ‘How’ and wanting to be the person that does.


Thank you, Aileen.

S.M.       Action Taker

Before doing this course, I was feeling stuck in a rut and a bit lost. I didn't even know where to begin!

Thankfully Aileen made everything so much easier to get to grips with and helped me get out of my comfort zone. She helped me to challenge my negative self-talk and develop healthier and more productive habits.


I feel much better informed and confident that I can do it than before. The exercise in week 3 was a gamechanger and I still use it every week!

S.O'M.       Action Taker


After many failed attempts to quit smoking, I attended Rebalance Lifestyle’s goal-setting course for help.


Aileen gave me the tools to set small goals and understand the limiting behaviours that allowed me to meet my goals week after week, ultimately leading to 20 weeks smoke-free.


Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without her.

C.M.       Action Taker

This course was thoroughly informative and enjoyable! I'd never had to worry about my diet before now, so I didn't even know where to begin, but Aileen made everything so much easier to understand.

Before the course, I found all the info out there so overwhelming and intimidating that I felt clueless, but now I feel much better informed, happier and confident that I can achieve my diet goals and work towards a better balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Thank you, Aileen!

S.O'M.       Making her diet work


I love how this course has helped me put perspective on how I can achieve a healthier lifestyle through a relaxed approach that fits into my everyday, without strict dieting.

K.M.       Making her diet work

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