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I am a mental health therapist, coach and personal trainer

Find a healthier you!


I'm Aileen,


I am a mental health therapist, coach and personal trainer. I help people like you and me find the thought or behavioural patterns that hold us back from being the person we want and know we can be. 

I understand that your physical, mental and emotional health are interlinked, and if one isn't happy, the others won't be either. To be the best version of yourself means balancing these 3 things in everything we do. I will help you change your mindset for healthier ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Identify what you want:

Often, we know where we need to go, where we want to go, or where we should go, but we are unsure how to get there or why.

Together, we will break this down and provide you with a clear action plan that suits your life.

Individual Coaching:

During 1 to 1 sessions, we look at your specific situation and review why you may not have succeeded in the past. Together we will understand what you need to become a healthier version of yourself and put systems in place to help get you there.

Ongoing accountability:

Now that you know where you are going and how to get there, Rebalance Lifestyle will keep you on track. Regularly review and refresh the plan to make sure you do not become stuck or undone.


New horizons

Mental health goes beyond anxiety or depression; many of us are held back by limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, indecisiveness, procrastination or self-esteem issues. 

Physical health and nutrition are not about 6 pack abs or marathon running.  It's how to perform best in our current situation, whether it's an illness, pain, or fitness level.

The starting point and end goal are unique to each of us. Yet, conflicting information and ‘one size fits all’ plans make it difficult to know what is best for you and where or how to start. 

Inspiration to create this business came from my own frustration at the confusion, so I want to give you back control over your health and lifestyle choices. This is done by providing guidance and coaching to help you understand your starting point and overcome the physical, mental, and emotional barriers that prevent you from reaching the goals you want and need.

Rebalance Lifestyle promises to provide you with an open, safe space, free from judgement, where together, we can identify and define solutions that work for you and your lifestyle.


Available services

1 : 1 coaching

Working together to discuss and define your health goals; uncovering any mental or physical obstacles to help you reach them.

Corporate Wellness

Providing tools, advice and guidance on how your employees can reduce stress and burn out while maintaining productivity and boosting moral.

Fitness / training plans 

Defining fitness plans to suit your individual needs and capabilities

Group goal setting workshops

Over the course of 4 weeks you will define a goal, put a sustainable plan in place and work towards it with accountability through the entire process

Accountability coach

Defining and setting plan for the month with weekly check-ins to keep you on track

Group meditation workshop

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will learn how to incorporate meidtation into your daily life to improve mental and emotional wellbeing

Talking therapies

Stress / Anxiety / Depression Management.

Putting together a plan to help you intially manage these feelings while working to lessen them going forward.

Understanding diets webinar

1 hour online session looking into the mechanics of diets, helping you to build one that works for you without restriction or removal of your favourite foods

Why you?

If you have struggled to define and stick to plans in the past; or if you are someone who has been advised or wants to make changes to your lifestyle for medical reasons; Rebalance Lifestyle will help you discover how you can do this in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. Rebalance Lifestyle promises to provide you with an open and safe space, free from judgement and with solutions that work for you.

In particular, if you suffer from any of the following, Rebalance Lifestyle can help:​

New horizons 2


Why Rebalance Lifestyle?

Rebalance Lifestyle uses a combination of techniques and strategies to provide a unique and empathetic collaboration. Helping you to build a toolkit for sustainable and achievable changes to your habits and change your life longer term. Rebalance Lifestyle will also work in conjunction with your doctor’s advice to provide a plan that suits your needs.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Analysing proven strategies of success through thoughts, language and behaviour. Then applying these strategies to reach personal goals. 

Proven for goal setting and success modelling. Self-worth, identity, purpose and value identification

Identifying & handling problems by changing thought and behaviour patterns. Improving emotional and physical wellbeing and developing personal strategies to solve current problems.

Shown to treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, panic disorders, procrastination, self-worth and behavioural issues.

Level 4 Personal Trainer

Guidance, delivery and motivation on safe and effective physical exercise programs to achieve specific goals.

Specialising in Obesity, Diabetes, Lower back pain, Joint replacements, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Anxiety, Depression, Stress.

Life Coach

Identifying the obstacles that are holding you back or preventing improvements, then assisting and motivating you with strategies for change.

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